Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tucker, Tucker, and more Tucker!

Tucker just turned 9 months old. What?! I really can't believe it. He has changed so much from his last update on the blog.

If you remember, he was undergoing physical therapy to treat his torticolis and he weighed in in the 1% for weight a few days after Christmas.

We are happy to report that Tuck graduated from physical therapy right before we moved! Yay!! He really improved quickly! We were told to expect 4-6 months but this kid graduated in 3! We miss his therapist Ms. Monica but we are glad not to have to report to her once a week anymore! :)

Tucker went through quite the growth spurt after Christmas as well. He weighed 13.8 lb at 6 months. By 8 months he weighed 18LB!!!

I know this is not huge for most babies but for some perspective, Hannah and William were both 18lb at a year!

My sweet baby has an unparalleled love of solid food. William had a huge appetite but nothing like this!

Tucker started sitting unassisted for long periods of time the day he turned 6 months. He quickly began scooting and a little before 8 months, started crawling on his hands and knees.

Here is a video of him from Feb 24th. It was a few days after he started really crawling.

Of course now he is super fast and is pulling up on everything. Most of the time he just pulls up to his knees. He doesn't quite have the strength yet to pull all the way up to standing consistently.

His favorite things these days include food, waving HI, snacks, taking toys from hannah and william, food, clapping his hands, pat-a-cake, and snacks!!!

He says Da Da for everything and says, "HI!" when he waves.

A video of some waving and saying HI. No, we are not at the zoo. The crazy loud screaming chaos in the background is hannah and william on a particularly crazy evening!!!!

He takes 2 good naps a day (only he gets woken up a lot to accommodate the schedules of his older siblings) and still sleeps like a champ at night.

He got 6 teeth in 6 weeks! Ouch! Sweet boy did great through it all. He was a little fussy for a few of them but I was shocked how well he handled cutting all of those teeth! He slept, ate, and played like normal!

My resident chunk-a-munk! :) LOVE HIM!!!

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LA said...

Tucker, I love you and miss you sweet boy!!

Lisa M. said...

So good to "catch up" with you and your family. Beautiful kids :-)

Amy said...

SO CUTE!! Congrats to Tucker on all those big accomplishments - that's a lot for a nine-month-old!
he looks so much like hannah, and i see some of your brother's in him, too....

luky begum said...

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Anonymous said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm sweet boy I am going to make really good use of your cute mouth, your brother sucked really good and had his share of c-m I hope you are as good