Monday, April 28, 2008

Snuggle Buddies

Poor sweet Annie! She will let this child do anything with her! Luckily Hannah is pretty gentle with Annie. She loves to give her hugs and play ball with her. Its so funny because every time they bump into each other (which is often), Hannah will say, "Sawy Annie." It's too precious!

Hannah's new friend

This is a statue we have in our backyard. Every once in a while (maybe when Hannah needs some down time) she will go and sit with "boy" as she calls him. They sit and talk about his puppy and his ball. She always pets the puppy and tries to take the ball away. Maybe its odd but I still think its kind of cute! =)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Playing the Part of Big Sis'

Hannah has definitely become more fond of her baby dolls lately. We are hoping that, in some small way, this might help her get used to having a real baby around. On the other hand...she may think that she needs to take care of baby brother just like she takes care of her many babies. If thats the case, watch out brother!
Meet "Baby Kate"! Hannah has decided that sometimes Baby Kate needs a new diaper before Hannah does. We do have some left over smaller diapers that I encourage her to put on Kate but No... Kate needs an "Ernie diaper"!
She then puts Baby Kate down for a nap in her reading chair. So, do you think shes ready for the real thing?? =)

Friday, April 11, 2008


Happy Friday! Here are some pictures of Hannah this afternoon playing peek-a-boo with Daddy!

Horsin' Around!

Hannah has discovered a new love for horses! Her favorite thing to do in the car is search the landscape for horses. If she happens to see one, thats all she can talk about for the next 15 minutes. There is a local stable close to our house that offers horseback riding lessons but only for children 5 years and older. They recently started holding $5 horse rides on Friday afternoons, mainly for the younger children who were too young for lessons. A couple of weeks ago Hannah and I were driving by on a Friday afternoon and decided to stop and see if Hannah was big enough to ride. They were more than happy to accommodate her.

They put her on a huge horse (not exaggerating) and she LOVED it! She was not scared at all! She didn't even have anyone holding on to her as they walked and walked around the ring. I was walking along beside her ready to catch her if she decided she wanted down but she didn't want me touching her at all. Unfortunately Daddy was working far away that day and was not able to be there. We look forward to going again soon with Daddy so he can see firsthand how much fun she had! I'm sure we will have more (better) pictures to show you then!
Doesn't she look tiny sitting up there?
You can kind of see her laughing in this one.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Our Little Man!

These pictures are 7 weeks old now but they are the only ones we will have for a while so I decided to share them anyways. (Thanks so much to my wonderful husband for getting them scanned and saved!)
The first one is the best shot they were able to get of his foot. He was quite the wiggle worm during the ultrasound. I can tell you now, 7 weeks later that he has not slowed down for a second. He is on the move constantly and can sure pack a punch! However painful his jabs and kicks may be at times it is still one of the best feelings in the world!
The second one is my favorite picture of his face! He's a handsome little guy, right?
The traditional profile shots. In the middle one you can see his little mouth open. He was taking big gulps!
And finally....the proof that we are indeed having a little boy.