Thursday, April 17, 2008

Playing the Part of Big Sis'

Hannah has definitely become more fond of her baby dolls lately. We are hoping that, in some small way, this might help her get used to having a real baby around. On the other hand...she may think that she needs to take care of baby brother just like she takes care of her many babies. If thats the case, watch out brother!
Meet "Baby Kate"! Hannah has decided that sometimes Baby Kate needs a new diaper before Hannah does. We do have some left over smaller diapers that I encourage her to put on Kate but No... Kate needs an "Ernie diaper"!
She then puts Baby Kate down for a nap in her reading chair. So, do you think shes ready for the real thing?? =)


shannon said...

She's a good Mama, that girl!

Anonymous said...

mmmmm she is ready for the real thing and I want to be her first,