Monday, April 7, 2008

Our Little Man!

These pictures are 7 weeks old now but they are the only ones we will have for a while so I decided to share them anyways. (Thanks so much to my wonderful husband for getting them scanned and saved!)
The first one is the best shot they were able to get of his foot. He was quite the wiggle worm during the ultrasound. I can tell you now, 7 weeks later that he has not slowed down for a second. He is on the move constantly and can sure pack a punch! However painful his jabs and kicks may be at times it is still one of the best feelings in the world!
The second one is my favorite picture of his face! He's a handsome little guy, right?
The traditional profile shots. In the middle one you can see his little mouth open. He was taking big gulps!
And finally....the proof that we are indeed having a little boy.


Rachel and Cameron said...

Abby- I am so excited for yall! I am glad you sent the email cause I hadn't checked the website in a bit....I feel so out of touch, I didn't even know yall had gone to Tampa! Anyway, these pictures are ADORABLE!! I bought something for your little guy this weekend, so I'll have to get it in the mail to you asap. Hope that you are feeling well and doing great. I loved Hannah's Easter outfit!!! SO CUTE! Love you! Rachel

Stephanie said...

Abby - YAY for your little boy!!! Can't miss that one! LOL!!!!!

shannon said...

Beautiful blessing. It's amazing how well we can see him. . . it makes me even more excited to meet him!