Tuesday, March 25, 2008

If Toddlers Ruled the World...

Then we could all dress like this every day....

Easter Time!

There are many posts that should proceed Easter but I figured I would go ahead and post about Easter because there is no telling when I would get around to it otherwise... In case you haven't noticed, I have not quite figured out how to keep this thing updated!

Easter was so wonderful! Hannah actually participated in several egg hunts. Between a practice hunt with her aunt Madison, church, playgroup, Easter morning and the big family hunt, Hannah definitely knew what was going on! She is quite the egg hunter. Here is Madison helping to teach Hannah what egg hunting is all about!

The Saturday before Easter Hannah had her first experience dyeing eggs with help from Rachel, Kelsey and Alli! She got an "Easter basket" drum from Grandma which she has thoroughly enjoyed! Easter morning she woke up to the task of finding her basket that the easter bunny hid! She had lots of goodies in her basket and then she had to find all of the eggs! As you will see in the video (if I ever get around to adding it....) she had some help finding the eggs from Annie and Sam. What a team... Here are some pictures from Easter morning at home and at church.
Our precious girl in her Easter get-up.
From church it was off to Columbus to Shannon's house. Hannah got to hunt more eggs and had lots of fun with cousins! It was really great to see everyone and the food was SO good!

Found one!!!