Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tucker's Torticollis

My sweet Baby Boy...
This is really just a general update on Tucker but several people have inquired about his torticollis so that is the reason I titled it as such.
Tucker continues to be the easiest baby on the planet. He rarely ever fusses these days and he still sleeps 10-12+ hours every night and I never have to work to get him to sleep, just stick him in his bed. He likes to watch his mobile for a minute and then he rolls over and settles in for a nap. He doesn't even require a pacifier anymore! He prefers his fist... Want proof?
And a close up...
I've discovered he has a really BIG mouth! Sometimes he double fists it!
So that's pretty much all he requires...a bed and his fist. I try to rock him to sleep sometimes. He'll let me every once a while but he prefers to snuggle when hes awake, and lay down and put himself to sleep when hes tired.

He is learning about toys and LOVES them!!! He constantly grabs at anything in sight and has now figured out how to get it to his mouth. He started rolling from his back to his tummy about a week and a half ago (3.5 months). He loves to be on his tummy!! He has even started scooting with his legs while he is on his tummy. His physical therapist thinks he will be mobile very soon. This thought scares me... Hannah and William were pretty average with their mobility. Both sat up at 6m, crawled at 8m, Hannah walked at 14m and William at 12.5. I'm not set up for an "early crawler" or "early walker". I need my little one to stay put for a few more 5 or 6!!
What do ya say, Tuck?!

Speaking of his physical therapist, Tucker has been doing PT for about a month now and is such a CHAMP at it! (If you missed the post about Tucker's Torticollis, click HERE) He loves Ms. Monica (his therapist) and consistently shows off for her. We have been going (and will continue to go) once a week. Each visit we work on different stretches and strength building exercises. She also measures his progress by mapping the difference in his rotation and head tilt. In his initial measurements there was a 5 degree difference in his rotation and a 19 degree difference in his tilt. This past Monday his measurements showed a 1 degree difference in rotation and a 2 degree difference in tilt!!!! For one months effort, that is awesome! He didn't like the stretches at first but we figured out how to make them more fun for him and now he doesn't mind them too much.
Tucker goes for his 4 month appointment on Monday so I'll update on that appointment next week. We have a jam-packed, fun-filled weekend coming up so I'm sure I'll have lots to share!
Here is one last picture of Tuck. He loves his sister and brother so much. With Hannah learning to read, Tucker often becomes her audience. I don't think he minds it too much though, do you? :)
Have a GREAT Friday!!!

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fabulous Days of Fall

The kids and I have really been trying to make the most out of this awesome weather! I finally got some pictures of them outside playing!
Here is William standing on the stump serenading the neighborhood with the "Hello!" song from music class. He has really taken on a love for singing lately. He shocks me every day with a new song he knows all the words to.

We have a stump in our backyard from a beautiful oak tree that (unfortunately) did not make it... I miss that tree but the stump has proven to be loads of entertainment for our little ones! Here are Hannah and William working together to peel off some the old bark. Then, of course, the stump turns back into the stage!
I was trying to get a cute picture of Hannah on the stump. My mistake was to let her know I was trying. After realizing my opportunity for a candid photo of my girl was a long shot, I said, "Ok Hannah, strike a pose!". Wow... I really don't know where she came up with what came next. Here are just a couple of her "poses". Lets just say I think Tyra's job is safe for now!

They had so much fun jumping over a little dip in the pine straw!
This is one of my favorites of William from the day. Everyone from my Mom's side of the family might be able to recognize that smile... Ok Taylor/Tucker/Millers...Who does this remind you of?
We ended the afternoon with a little caterpillar sighting. Of course that meant moving him to a safe zone away from 8 stampeding puppy paws...
Just in case you were wondering where Tucker was... He was fast asleep, sucking on his fist. I don't think I have ever known a baby to suck on a fist like Tucker does. Its constant! I guess whatever works... :)

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