Monday, April 20, 2009


We had the pleasure of going to Auburn's Spring scrimmage on Saturday! It was a beautiful day and we had so much fun! There was a lot going on in a little bit of time but we loved it!!! I just wish we had had more time...
Besides getting a sneak preview of the upcoming Tiger football team we got to hang out with family and our friends Lindsey and Pollard! It took us a while to find each other but we did and it was so great to see them!!!
On to pictures...
The 3 kiddos in matching outfits
Hannah and I during the game
On the field, after the game

Hannah eating her ice cream courtesy of the Henig/Turnipseed suite! =) She definitely got her Daddy's love of ice cream... Notice she has it in every picture. You should have seen what happened when her last 3 bites fell on the field... Not a pretty picture. I'm pretty sure the field crew was not too impressed with the pink sticky mess she left behind either...
The Fam!

Lindsey, my Mom and myself with all the kiddos!
Time to go.... The lip says it all!
William couldn't make it to the car! Thanks for the lift Uncle Zachie!
***Scroll down to see more of William and Pollard's Playdate on the Plains!!!***

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Two of a Kind...sort of!

Could they be brothers?? Could they be twins separated at birth?!?!

Both of these Boys have big beautiful brown eyes...

Both of these Boys have dark brown locks...

Both of these boys look positively dashing in their new Auburn outfits...

Both of these boys could have Auburn in their future (unless one of their Daddy's has anything to do with it)

Both of these boys are experiencing their first A-Day...

Both of these boys weigh 16lb 4oz....

Of course!!! They must be brothers/twins separated at birth!

Except for one minor detail....

OK, so maybe they are just friends. Friends who are each an extreme on the growth chart...just the opposite extreme!

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

William is 9 months!

William had his 9 month doctors appointment on Monday. It went well! He weighed 16lb 4oz, still in the 1%. He was 27 in long, 10% and theres still no need to worry about his noggin. His head circumference is in the 89%!!! Yikes! The best news was no shots! Yay!

He is still such a happy boy! His crawling has definitely picked up some speed as has his curiosity. He gets into way more things than Hannah ever did. He knows how to turn the knob on the stereo to pump up the volume and does so very often! He'll crawl over to it then sit down and look to see if anyone is watching. Then he smiles real big, gets on his knees and turns the dial. I even have it on video but it may be too long to upload to this site...

Besides blowing out the speakers his other top interests these days include eating anything and everything, clapping his hands, playing the drums at music class and taking baths!!! It doesn't matter how grumpy the kid can be... once he hears the water running, hes all snaggle tooth smiles and giggles!

Here are some precious pictures of him that our cousin Leslie Anne took last week. Raise your hand if you think she needs to go pro!...

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I find this one funny!

Hannah 2007William 2009

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Pictures

The baskets. I bet you can't tell whose is whose... =)
Just call her the Easter Diva... I'll have you know she almost refused to hunt eggs outside because we were unable to find her sunglasses... She isn't even 3, what am I going to do when she is 13?!?!

William eating the eggs!
This one is Jason's all-time favorite picture of William. Jason's signature expression from the beginning of time has been raising one eyebrow. William does it all the time even though you can't really tell in this picture.
Cousin picture after church

Grandma and William

Hannah being more than a little grumpy... (although I think she was screaming, "I'M NOT GRUMPY!" as these pictures were being taken...

The Easter bunny made an appearance at Aunt Shannon's!
As I expected, Hannah was not a huge fan but she was a fan of the doll the Easter bunny brought her. She came complete with a bottle and a potty of her own. Nana helped give her the name Lily! Lily and Hannah have not spent much time apart since Sunday...
Luckily Aunt Tara was willing to be her personal egg hunter assistant. Hannah didn't have to put Lily down at all!

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