Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Pictures

The baskets. I bet you can't tell whose is whose... =)
Just call her the Easter Diva... I'll have you know she almost refused to hunt eggs outside because we were unable to find her sunglasses... She isn't even 3, what am I going to do when she is 13?!?!

William eating the eggs!
This one is Jason's all-time favorite picture of William. Jason's signature expression from the beginning of time has been raising one eyebrow. William does it all the time even though you can't really tell in this picture.
Cousin picture after church

Grandma and William

Hannah being more than a little grumpy... (although I think she was screaming, "I'M NOT GRUMPY!" as these pictures were being taken...

The Easter bunny made an appearance at Aunt Shannon's!
As I expected, Hannah was not a huge fan but she was a fan of the doll the Easter bunny brought her. She came complete with a bottle and a potty of her own. Nana helped give her the name Lily! Lily and Hannah have not spent much time apart since Sunday...
Luckily Aunt Tara was willing to be her personal egg hunter assistant. Hannah didn't have to put Lily down at all!

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