Monday, October 27, 2008

A Mischievous Monday

What could kick off the week better than a mischievous 2 year old? Nothing! Today was the one day out of our very busy week that we didn't have anything going on. Besides one trip to the grocery store, we spent our day inside, safe from the bitter wind. I guess boredom can make a 2 year old do some funny things...
Those of you with kids can probably relate to this feeling: You are sitting there folding laundry, feeding your other child, or just trying to be productive in one way or another when you suddenly realize your toddler has become awfully quiet in the next room. You never know what you are going to find when you turn the corner but you know they are up to no good! We had more of those moments today than I care to admit, but luckily (despite what the pictures show) she was safe and just trying to have fun. Luckily for you, I was close enough to the camera on a few of these incidents to grab it and snag a few pictures!
When I asked her what she was doing and how she got up there she said, "I just need some water". All she had to do was ask me...but I guess this way was much more fun!
A few hours later I found this...

Yes, this is the pantry. So much for putting untouchables on the higher shelves...
Don't ask! I have no idea...Maybe shes preparing for her dismount!

Believe me, there was much more than this to our mischievous Monday. It's too bad I didn't have the camera at the grocery store. Since William has been with us I can usually get her to walk with me and put William's car seat in the front of the buggy. She wasn't exactly up for that today. Think of me what you will but I let her ride in the green car. You can judge me if you have ever tried to get a weeks worth of grocery shopping done while trying to get an unhappy, uncooperative 2 year old to follow you! I wanted to avoid that situation so I let her ride in the green car and put William where our weeks worth of groceries are supposed to go... I'm sure you can see where this is headed. I would have loved to have a picture of our buggy at the end of our shopping excursion... I had so many things piled beside (and maybe even in...) William's car seat. I will say, if you are trying to maintain a budget at the grocery store, just bring something with you that takes up the whole buggy. If there is no room for groceries, you tend to buy less! Thats my piece of financial advice for the week!

Of course then she goes and redeems herself by playing so sweetly with her little bro.
This was yesterday morning but I wanted to post it anyway. Hannah loves him more and more everyday. She loves that he smiles at her ANY time she looks at him or speaks to him. She even inspired one of his first real giggles. She lays down with him under his activity gym and talks to him about all of his toys. I know it won't last forever and they will go through some major sibling rivalry, but I'm trying to enjoy the love they have for each other while it lasts!
What kind of Monday did you have! =)

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Catching up

Its been a while since our last post so I just wanted to say we are still here! We have been really busy lately and I have a lot to catch up on!

We were feeling brave and took the kids to another Auburn game a couple weekends ago. This time we planned for Jason and William to tailgate but sit the game out. I think it worked out really well. Hannah had a blast!!! My mom got her a little plastic megaphone at the bookstore which turned into entertainment for all! She started by yelling "War Eagle" to every person wearing orange on campus. I must say, she was a hit!
During the game she thought the megaphone was her direct line of communication to Aubie. She spent the majority of the game talking to/yelling at Aubie! Some of my favorite lines were:
"AUBIE!!!! COME SEE ME UP HERE!!!" (No can do...we are second row from the sky...literally)
"AUBIE!!!! SEE MY NEW SHOES?!?!?" (while holding up her foot?)
(While taking off her shoe) "I have to show Aubie my pink toenails."
"AUBIE!!!! IT HAS YOU ON IT AUBIE!!!" (referring to the picture of Aubie on her megaphone)
"AUBIE!!!!! YOU DANCIN'?" (Yes, Aubie was indeed dancing)
(The band starts the fight song) "I know this song... AUBIE!!!!! YOU KNOW THIS SONG?!?!?"
"AUBIE!!!! YOU TAKIN' A NAP?" (We could not find him on the field)
Sorry about the CAPS. It was to show you when she was screaming through the megaphone! =)
Despite the loss, we had a really good time at the game. She has requested a return visit at least once a day. She told me that she wants to hug Aubie next time... Any ideas Trey?! =)

On another note, we were able to get William and his twin cousins together again! They are exactly 4 weeks apart although, the twins were due five days after William so we think of them as closer together! We couldn't resist. We put them in matching outfits and took lots of pictures. Good thing we got it done when we did. As you can see, the twins are about busting out of those outfits. Although William was just about born at the twins combined birth weights, they have definitely caught up and exceeded my little man! Its been great to watch them grow and flourish after joining us 5 weeks early!

Just for fun, here is the first meeting between the triple threat back in August!

What would Fall be without some pumpkin patch pictures?
These were the best ones I could get of both of them. I know William in upset in the second one but Hannah was trying to be sweet.

No, I didn't try to pose Hannah
like a sitting from JC Penny...
She was insisting on snuggling
the pumpkins!

Here are some recent pictures of William. He is growing so fast!

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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Baby Challenge!

Since there have been so many differing opinions on who little William looks like, its time for an official vote! View the pictures below and cast your vote to the Right. You have until October 31st to vote!

Abby, Jason

William, Hannah

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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Just Because

We haven't been up to much lately, just trying to enjoy the beautiful weather while we have it...and making cookies...and watching football! Here are a few pictures and videos we wanted to share!
(Remember, if you get emails to notify you of a new post, the videos will not show up in your email. Just go to to view them!)

Here is Hannah showing off her new tennis shoes. (Thanks Grandma!) She was reluctant to wear them at first so I told her they would help her run faster and jump higher. To say that she fell for it would be an understatement. The child does not walk when she has them on. She is either running or jumping. Here she is posing and then an action shot!

Little Man watching Hannah run and jump.
William with his "snugglie". Of course it is a tiger! =)And some videos just because!
This is Hannah making cookies with Jason. Its nothing special...we just think she is cute no matter what she is doing!

If you are an Auburn fan, you will LOVE this one! She can actually sing most of the fight song and "Glory, Glory..." but I have yet to capture that on video. This will have to suffice for now!

And finally....the LOUDEST sleeper ever! He doesn't always sleep like this but Jason and I were cracking up! You may have to crank up the volume to hear it. Such precious sounds...

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Trip to Tampa

A few weekends ago we took a trip to see our friends Brad, Alissa, and Kian. We had so much fun! Kian and Hannah kept us in stitches the whole time. We were able to make another trip to Sea World as well as swim and visit Tampa's aquarium. Here are some pictures of some of our adventures!
Hannah and Kian, settling in for a day at Sea World! Notice how smart Kian is. He just smiles and nods while Hannah takes control of the map! That a Boy Kian! =)
Watching intently at the dolphin show!
Kian shooting some hoops! =)
Sweetly holding hands...
Until Kian thought it would be fun to run and pull Hannah along. She was not impressed...
Posing with Elmo
Playing footsie?... I don't know!
William with his Daddy!
I had to sneak one bath shot in! ;)
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