Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Catching up

Its been a while since our last post so I just wanted to say we are still here! We have been really busy lately and I have a lot to catch up on!

We were feeling brave and took the kids to another Auburn game a couple weekends ago. This time we planned for Jason and William to tailgate but sit the game out. I think it worked out really well. Hannah had a blast!!! My mom got her a little plastic megaphone at the bookstore which turned into entertainment for all! She started by yelling "War Eagle" to every person wearing orange on campus. I must say, she was a hit!
During the game she thought the megaphone was her direct line of communication to Aubie. She spent the majority of the game talking to/yelling at Aubie! Some of my favorite lines were:
"AUBIE!!!! COME SEE ME UP HERE!!!" (No can do...we are second row from the sky...literally)
"AUBIE!!!! SEE MY NEW SHOES?!?!?" (while holding up her foot?)
(While taking off her shoe) "I have to show Aubie my pink toenails."
"AUBIE!!!! IT HAS YOU ON IT AUBIE!!!" (referring to the picture of Aubie on her megaphone)
"AUBIE!!!!! YOU DANCIN'?" (Yes, Aubie was indeed dancing)
(The band starts the fight song) "I know this song... AUBIE!!!!! YOU KNOW THIS SONG?!?!?"
"AUBIE!!!! YOU TAKIN' A NAP?" (We could not find him on the field)
Sorry about the CAPS. It was to show you when she was screaming through the megaphone! =)
Despite the loss, we had a really good time at the game. She has requested a return visit at least once a day. She told me that she wants to hug Aubie next time... Any ideas Trey?! =)

On another note, we were able to get William and his twin cousins together again! They are exactly 4 weeks apart although, the twins were due five days after William so we think of them as closer together! We couldn't resist. We put them in matching outfits and took lots of pictures. Good thing we got it done when we did. As you can see, the twins are about busting out of those outfits. Although William was just about born at the twins combined birth weights, they have definitely caught up and exceeded my little man! Its been great to watch them grow and flourish after joining us 5 weeks early!

Just for fun, here is the first meeting between the triple threat back in August!

What would Fall be without some pumpkin patch pictures?
These were the best ones I could get of both of them. I know William in upset in the second one but Hannah was trying to be sweet.

No, I didn't try to pose Hannah
like a sitting from JC Penny...
She was insisting on snuggling
the pumpkins!

Here are some recent pictures of William. He is growing so fast!

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