Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hannah got mail!

As most of you know, Hannah is turning 3 in a few weeks. We are celebrating here at the house with a Princess Party!! Guests have been given the option of dressing up like princes and princesses, mainly the kids... Hannah decided that she would like to dress up like Snow White at her party. Only problem is she only possesses a Cinderella dress and a Tinkerbell dress. Sounds like a job for Grandma, don't you think?? Well she certainly did. Not only did she find a snow white dress, but she was leaving for Italy the next day so she had it shipped to her. What 2 (almost 3) year old doesn't love getting a package in the mail?
I videoed her reaction since Grandma is still in Italy and was not able to be with Hannah when she opened the dress.
Grandma, as you will see, Hannah LOVES it!!! She rarely takes it off!

I couldn't get a good video of her wearing it. She was too eager to go show Daddy in his office.

But here is a picture of the perfect princess!

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Beach!

Our annual family beach trip has come and gone... The countdown has already begun for next year. This year we had a record 24 people and 4 rental houses!!! It was chaotic, to say the least but soo much fun!! Get ready for the overload. I had to narrow it down from 703 pictures so I'm sorry if its a lot!
Hannah jumped right in!
And then out...
William figuring out sand for the first time
William and Uncle Zachie. (The water was perfect!!!)
William and Amelie
We tried building dribble castles but William kept sitting in our water hole!
Hannah and Daddy flying the kite
Taking a break
We attempted to get a good picture of both kids.... Never an easy task!
William kept trying to escape
Hannah with her idols... My cousins, Rachel, Kelsey and Alli
I LOVE this one and not because its a great picture of us. Hannah was grumpy and didn't want to smile so Grandpa George started doing this ridiculously funny song and dance routine. Both kids and both parents were laughing hysterically. I wish we had that on video!
Hannah found a few more smiles in the sand. (Thanks Tara for that trick! Now every picture time she claims to have run out of smiles and we have to discover one somewhere. :) )
Baby Kate
Grandma and William
All of the baby cousins. Can you believe we got them all sitting still?!?
Eli, William, Hannah and Amelie
Silly Face

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Friday, July 24, 2009

85 years young :)

We left the beach on Saturday and traveled to Lake Martin to meet up with my Dad's side of the family to celebrate my Grandaddy's 85th Birthday! (Are you starting to see why there has not been an update in a while? We have been going and going and going....) It was so fun to see family members we usually only get to see once a year. The guys played the "First Annual Grandaddy Open", a very serious golf tournament with extremely high stakes...a whole box of golf balls and of course the ever coveted bragging rights! It was a great way to end our fantastic beach vacation!

Two of the sweetest women ever, Aunt Sally and Aunt Martha

Grandaddy, Grandmother and William

Great Grandaddy handing out the prize

More family pics

A Beautiful night for a cook-out at the lake

The whole crew!

Happy Birthday (Great) Grandaddy!!!

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Birthday Bonanza!!!

It has happened....My precious baby boy has turned one! I'm not sure what to do with myself....except maybe have another one! (Haha! No, I'm not making any announcements...)

True to second child stereotypes, William had no fancy party...but it honestly wasn't for lack of want! I was planning on throwing him a party but we didn't have a good weekend. The weekend before his Birthday was 4th of July and then we left the next Saturday for the beach. Instead he had many smaller parties and if I do say so myself, he may have even enjoyed that more! :)

The first one took place on 4th of July at Jason's family's house on the lake. He loved his Mickey Mouse balloons and decorations! He swam in his little pool and even got to play with his favorite little partners in crime, Aidan and Barrett!
Picture with Mom and Dad. He wasn't thrilled about being in strapped in but he didn't really know what was coming...Family Shot. I sure wish I knew whose camera we were looking at because it certainly wasn't mine! :)
He was slow and steady with his cake. He started out tentative but 30 minutes later he was covered and there wasn't much left on the plate....
Fast Forward a little....
Now he is starting to get it
Little help from Annie...
Now he is officially disgusting...but in a totally cute way!
Oh, but wait... This party has just begun!!!
Dirty, exhausted and officially stuffed!!! Nothing a little dip in the kiddie pool didn't fix!
The cake that survived...

William turned 1 on Friday, July 10th and we left for the beach the very next day. That night we had Round 2 with my Mom's side of the family. William loved his 2nd cake and all of his wonderful gifts! He and his cousins Amelie and Eli had plenty to play with all week long!
I think he still feels full from last weeks cake... He didn't have the same attack as before.
He still put up a good fight though!
Grandma and Grandpa George
Sharing one of the new toys with Amelie!
We had a few more little celebrations including cupcakes and presents at the pool with our playgroup the day before his Birthday. Part of me still feels bad that he didn't get a big party but I think he is happy! ;)

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