Friday, July 24, 2009

Summer of Animals

Hannah and William sure have gotten a good dose of Mother Nature so far this Summer! A few weeks ago we met Uncle Zach and Grandma in Stone Mountain and took a trip to the Yellow River Game Ranch. It was the kiddos first time going and they had a blast! I love the game ranch because the deer are just out walking around and they are definitely not too shy to come beg for a treat. You can purchase saltines, peanuts, and carrots prior to walking the trail so we were well equipped!
These two were the smart ones. They hung out right in the entrance to
catch people who just bought snacks...
I was nervous about Hannah getting bit since she didn't always hold her hand flat but the deer were so gentle when they took the food from herone of my favorites. Check out his hat!

A couple of weeks later, my Mom kept both kiddos while I worked at the hospital for a few days. She and Zach braved it and took them to the zoo. We had originally planned to go to the zoo during my mom's spring break back in April but we ran out of time. Since then Hannah has asked regularly when Grandma was going to take her to the zoo, so this trip was really unavoidable... I think they had a good time though! I have been told that both of them LOVED the carousel the most!
The "Baby" lions

Grandma and Hannah waving to the orangutans
New baby panda
Supposedly sleeping monkey. He looks kind of bored though, doesn't he?
Trying to get to something through the bamboo?...
Apparently she really bonded with this goat. This is one of many pictures taken...

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