Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hannah got mail!

As most of you know, Hannah is turning 3 in a few weeks. We are celebrating here at the house with a Princess Party!! Guests have been given the option of dressing up like princes and princesses, mainly the kids... Hannah decided that she would like to dress up like Snow White at her party. Only problem is she only possesses a Cinderella dress and a Tinkerbell dress. Sounds like a job for Grandma, don't you think?? Well she certainly did. Not only did she find a snow white dress, but she was leaving for Italy the next day so she had it shipped to her. What 2 (almost 3) year old doesn't love getting a package in the mail?
I videoed her reaction since Grandma is still in Italy and was not able to be with Hannah when she opened the dress.
Grandma, as you will see, Hannah LOVES it!!! She rarely takes it off!

I couldn't get a good video of her wearing it. She was too eager to go show Daddy in his office.

But here is a picture of the perfect princess!

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AJT said...

oh my goodness! this is THE sweetest thing!! when she says, "'s beautiful!" i almost cried! what a perfect video for grandma and what a perfect little princess you have!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

That is so stinkin adorable! I love how amazed she is. :)


The Johnsons said...

I love how she said "Wow... it's beautiful!" That was so cute! I can't wait to see pics from her party! Wish we could be there

Love liz and caitlin