Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sweet Talking

Still no pictures...but I have a few things I would like to share. I am really hoping my computer will be up and running (with all of my pictures and videos) sometime this week!

We have had a mighty busy last couple of weeks. William and I went to visit some of my best friends in Dallas last weekend. My friend Kristin and I flew out to surprise Rachel at her baby shower. Liz was a great hostess and we had so much fun. Lindsey and Kim were missed dearly but we have a huge reunion in the works for this Summer so hopefully we will all be together again!
This past weekend Jason and I took the kids to Charleston to visit his Aunt Peggy Anne and Linda. William was still suffering from the cold he brought home from Dallas, but other than that it was a great visit!

Now for the sweet Hannah story the title is referring to~
I was tucking Hannah into bed Saturday night when she turned to face me, both of our heads on the pillow. She looked at me and said, "You are my best friend....forever and ever!" in the sweetest little voice.
Well of course my eyes well up with tears! I mean, what a sweet thing for a 2 year old to say!!! I swallowed the lump in my throat and said, "Aww sweetie! You are my best friend too!".
To which my sweet (now giggling) 2 year old replies, "No Mommy! Thats what they say in Fox and the Hound. Thats what Todd and Copper say."
Well, it was still sweet! Even if it wasn't really meant for me...

Other big news....William's first tooth popped through on Valentine's day!

Thats the latest from us! Be back soon!

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

In this corner...

Many of you know that William weighed in a little small at his 6 month appointment. Nothing to worry about... both of my babies have started out big but their rate of growth drops which makes them smaller than average babies later on. At 6 months William was in the 2nd percentile for weight (meaning 1% of babies are smaller than him) and 31% for length. His pediatrician was not worried since there was growth in all 3 parameters but wanted to keep a closer eye on him since he just didn't grow much.
For those of you previously following little William's growth, I wanted to update you on his progress. He went to the doctor today for his 7 month growth check. Still not much growth but growth all the same! He weighed 15lb2oz (3rd percentile...better than 2nd!!!), 26.3in long (23%) and I can't remember his head circumference but it was the 78th %. (Since his 6 month appt. he gained 1.3lb, grew .3in in length and .1 in head circumference.)
Developmentally he has always been right on target and his doctor likes the way he looks physically. He is perfectly happy and healthy and everything looks great! He started sitting up like a champ the day he turned 6 months. He loves solid food and wants to eat whatever we are eating. His first tooth is SOO close to the surface and he is trying really hard to pull up if there is anything to be pulled up on in his reach. I tried to tell him that crawling needs to come first but I'm beginning to think he may bypass that stage. He likes to be sitting or standing... Anyway, all is well but please pray for some more LBs and inches for his 8 month check!!! :)

Sorry no pictures.... My computer is still a work in progress. Hopefully we can find some time soon to get it all worked out!

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