Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Love at Life's First Little Wave!

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Catching up!

I'm finally to a point where I can start our updates back again. The first trimester "blah" feeling and the exhaustion got me all out of whack and I'm just now starting to catch up. Its not just the blog updates I have fallen behind with...its also the laundry...OK, actually ANY housework, cooking dinner, the bills (don't worry Jason, no late fees!!:)), the list goes on!! But I finally feel like I can breathe again. The house is getting to a controllable state and I am cooking again! But its like now that I am feeling in control again, I look at the calendar and realize I will be 20 weeks pregnant next Wednesday!!! Excuse me? I feel like we just announced this pregnancy! There's no way I can be that far along!!! But, it's true! We have our big ultrasound scheduled for next Wednesday morning. I'm afraid I won't be sharing any exciting news though because we are still determined to keep this baby's private parts private. I have always thought it would be cool to wait but I couldn't do it with the first two. I had to plan things out! But now I will have a June, July and an August baby and I already have one of each so I literally have everything I will need!
I also have a very special cousin who will be the only one to know the gender. She has graciously volunteered to decorate the baby's room with the appropriate bedding and clothing and then put a big fat lock on the door to keep out inquiring minds. I am so very thankful for this as that was the only part that was semi-stressful to me. Yes, I have all of the bedding, clothing, blankets, etc but I would still have to get everything set up after the baby came. This way I won't have to worry about it! Thanks Leslie Anne for taking on this very important job!!! ;)
OK, so now enjoy a few posts from our last few months! I will do my best to keep updating more regularly!!

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Just some pictures

We have definitely been taking advantage of the beautiful 60 degree weather we have had over the past week and a half (until the rain yesterday...)! They both LOVE playing outside but I have definitely had to make sure all doors are locked since William can open them now. Hes constantly trying to sneak back outside.
I haven't taken too many pictures but I have to share these of William. I really went in to grab the camera so I could get cute pictures of them playing outside, I was gone for 2 minutes and this is what I found. William and Hannah thought it would be fun to play in the grass clippings pile in our garden from last year. He had grass everywhere!!!!

These pictures of Hannah were taken a while back but I love all of her faces! We now play the "Show me sad...", "Show me happy...", "Show me surprised..." whenever we are trying to get a good picture of her. Its hysterical!!!

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Our Snow Day!

We have a book that the kids love called, "Russell the Sheep saves Christmas". There is one page in the book that shows Russell's friend, frog, making a snow angel. One day Hannah pointed out the snow angel and asked me when it would snow here. This was back in the beginning of December when it really hadn't even gotten cold yet. I told her that it doesn't snow a lot where we live so it may not snow at all this Winter. I told her that if it doesn't snow then we can make sand angels this Summer when we go to the beach.
The next morning as we were leaving the neighborhood Hannah says, " snow! I guess we gotta go to the beach now!". How I love this girl...
Well, Hannah got her wish and we got a little bit of snow a few weeks ago. I got her up in the morning thinking she would be all excited about the snow... She looked out the window and said, "Thats not snow! It's not even enough to make a snowman!!". I told her we take what we can get down here in the South! :)
SO we all bundled up and went out to brave the first "snow storm" of 2010. We barely had 1/2 inch on the driveway. You could still see all of our grass... Hannah was excited about the icy spot on the driveway so she could practice her ice skating. William hated it and wanted to go take a nap so I went in and put him down. So then I was faced with the task of finding a way to play with Hannah in the least amount of snow possible... Sledding was out cause there was hardly anything on the grass. So...we pulled out the sand toys. I had to help her scrape up some snow from the driveway but then she had a blast filling up all of her buckets and William's dump truck!

Once again...I have more videos than pictures. Maybe one day I will actually get them uploaded... William made the videos but he was asleep before I pulled out the still camera so there's no evidence of the 10 minutes William lasted out there.
And...that's all we got! I don't love the snow... Maybe if we ever got a bunch of it, but this? It was just cold and windy and slightly miserable. Hannah had fun though and that's all that really matters! :)

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Thursday, January 21, 2010


Christmas was a BLAST this year! Hannah was so fun and got really into it! I already shared some photos of our Christmas Eve experience but now you get to hear about it! It includes our first ever trip to the ER with one of ourkids...
Every year on Christmas Eve we go to Columbus to celebrate with Jason's family. This year poor William woke up with a 103.6 temperature... He was so sad and just wanted to be snuggled... We debated staying home but decided to go ahead to Columbus and just made sure to keep him dosed on Tylenol all day. He was showing no other symptoms and had been totally fine the night before! He had an OK day but the whole family could tell he just wasn't himself... On the drive home that night we had to stop and let Hannah go potty. While I took Hannah inside Jason climbed back with William (who was whimpering pathetically) and took his temp again. It was a whopping 104.9!!! And that was with tylenol in his system. We decided pretty quickly to take him to Egleston just to get him checked out. We figured it was probably just a virus but he had just completed antibiotics for a double ear/sinus infection and I was a little scared some of that was never truly kicked. Long story short, besides his temp. everything looked great! Just like we figured, he had some viral something that just had to run its course. I'm glad we took him in, otherwise we would have worried about him all day on Christmas. I am thankful that it was nothing serious! He just needed some extra snugglin'...
So by the time we left the hospital (which we literally were in and out of...nobody is there on Christmas Eve at 8pm) we still hadn't eaten dinner and NOTHING was open. I am almost too embarrassed to type this but Jason and I unloaded our two kids and had a Christmas Eve dinner at none other than Waffle House!!! Classy... I don't plan on making it a tradition or anything but we really had no choice. There was not even food in our house to cook! So waffle house it was and Hannah loved it!!! She now asks for "the waffle place" every now and then for breakfast!
Christmas morning was fun...after we got Hannah awake! I will have to get my video evidence uploaded soon to prove it because some people haven't believed me but it was near impossible to get her out of bed Christmas morning!! It wasn't even early! It was like 8:00. We went in her bedroom all excited and she told us she was really tired and just needed to rest a few more minutes... No kidding! I'll get the video on here soon! (By the way, this is what I deal with every Tuesday and Thursday getting her up for school. The girl likes to sleep in... I am dreading her teenage years...)
We did get her up though and then she was all excitement! Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the day!
Hannah's Big gift from Santa!
Everyone's full stockings
Somehow we missed getting all of her excitement in a picture but she LOVES her castle. We had to persuade her to open the rest of her gifts.
Here is William with his new ball pit!

William opened the rest of his gifts from his ball pit... We couldn't get him out!

Our sweet Annie dog!!!
These pictures were taken before Christmas but I need to post their matching Christmas outfits! These were from Hannah's school Christmas program! Her class sang Jingle Bells, Good News and Away in the Manger. So sweet! She did such a great job! I'll try and post the video one day...

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