Friday, January 22, 2010

Our Snow Day!

We have a book that the kids love called, "Russell the Sheep saves Christmas". There is one page in the book that shows Russell's friend, frog, making a snow angel. One day Hannah pointed out the snow angel and asked me when it would snow here. This was back in the beginning of December when it really hadn't even gotten cold yet. I told her that it doesn't snow a lot where we live so it may not snow at all this Winter. I told her that if it doesn't snow then we can make sand angels this Summer when we go to the beach.
The next morning as we were leaving the neighborhood Hannah says, " snow! I guess we gotta go to the beach now!". How I love this girl...
Well, Hannah got her wish and we got a little bit of snow a few weeks ago. I got her up in the morning thinking she would be all excited about the snow... She looked out the window and said, "Thats not snow! It's not even enough to make a snowman!!". I told her we take what we can get down here in the South! :)
SO we all bundled up and went out to brave the first "snow storm" of 2010. We barely had 1/2 inch on the driveway. You could still see all of our grass... Hannah was excited about the icy spot on the driveway so she could practice her ice skating. William hated it and wanted to go take a nap so I went in and put him down. So then I was faced with the task of finding a way to play with Hannah in the least amount of snow possible... Sledding was out cause there was hardly anything on the grass. So...we pulled out the sand toys. I had to help her scrape up some snow from the driveway but then she had a blast filling up all of her buckets and William's dump truck!

Once again...I have more videos than pictures. Maybe one day I will actually get them uploaded... William made the videos but he was asleep before I pulled out the still camera so there's no evidence of the 10 minutes William lasted out there.
And...that's all we got! I don't love the snow... Maybe if we ever got a bunch of it, but this? It was just cold and windy and slightly miserable. Hannah had fun though and that's all that really matters! :)

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