Friday, January 22, 2010

Just some pictures

We have definitely been taking advantage of the beautiful 60 degree weather we have had over the past week and a half (until the rain yesterday...)! They both LOVE playing outside but I have definitely had to make sure all doors are locked since William can open them now. Hes constantly trying to sneak back outside.
I haven't taken too many pictures but I have to share these of William. I really went in to grab the camera so I could get cute pictures of them playing outside, I was gone for 2 minutes and this is what I found. William and Hannah thought it would be fun to play in the grass clippings pile in our garden from last year. He had grass everywhere!!!!

These pictures of Hannah were taken a while back but I love all of her faces! We now play the "Show me sad...", "Show me happy...", "Show me surprised..." whenever we are trying to get a good picture of her. Its hysterical!!!

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Lindsey Henig said...

OOOOOOH How I miss your children!!! Those pictures of Hannah made me double over. Had no idea she was such a model. And I'm really glad Pollard wasn't there to see what William was doing with the grass, because you know he'd be right there with him!