Thursday, January 21, 2010


Christmas was a BLAST this year! Hannah was so fun and got really into it! I already shared some photos of our Christmas Eve experience but now you get to hear about it! It includes our first ever trip to the ER with one of ourkids...
Every year on Christmas Eve we go to Columbus to celebrate with Jason's family. This year poor William woke up with a 103.6 temperature... He was so sad and just wanted to be snuggled... We debated staying home but decided to go ahead to Columbus and just made sure to keep him dosed on Tylenol all day. He was showing no other symptoms and had been totally fine the night before! He had an OK day but the whole family could tell he just wasn't himself... On the drive home that night we had to stop and let Hannah go potty. While I took Hannah inside Jason climbed back with William (who was whimpering pathetically) and took his temp again. It was a whopping 104.9!!! And that was with tylenol in his system. We decided pretty quickly to take him to Egleston just to get him checked out. We figured it was probably just a virus but he had just completed antibiotics for a double ear/sinus infection and I was a little scared some of that was never truly kicked. Long story short, besides his temp. everything looked great! Just like we figured, he had some viral something that just had to run its course. I'm glad we took him in, otherwise we would have worried about him all day on Christmas. I am thankful that it was nothing serious! He just needed some extra snugglin'...
So by the time we left the hospital (which we literally were in and out of...nobody is there on Christmas Eve at 8pm) we still hadn't eaten dinner and NOTHING was open. I am almost too embarrassed to type this but Jason and I unloaded our two kids and had a Christmas Eve dinner at none other than Waffle House!!! Classy... I don't plan on making it a tradition or anything but we really had no choice. There was not even food in our house to cook! So waffle house it was and Hannah loved it!!! She now asks for "the waffle place" every now and then for breakfast!
Christmas morning was fun...after we got Hannah awake! I will have to get my video evidence uploaded soon to prove it because some people haven't believed me but it was near impossible to get her out of bed Christmas morning!! It wasn't even early! It was like 8:00. We went in her bedroom all excited and she told us she was really tired and just needed to rest a few more minutes... No kidding! I'll get the video on here soon! (By the way, this is what I deal with every Tuesday and Thursday getting her up for school. The girl likes to sleep in... I am dreading her teenage years...)
We did get her up though and then she was all excitement! Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the day!
Hannah's Big gift from Santa!
Everyone's full stockings
Somehow we missed getting all of her excitement in a picture but she LOVES her castle. We had to persuade her to open the rest of her gifts.
Here is William with his new ball pit!

William opened the rest of his gifts from his ball pit... We couldn't get him out!

Our sweet Annie dog!!!
These pictures were taken before Christmas but I need to post their matching Christmas outfits! These were from Hannah's school Christmas program! Her class sang Jingle Bells, Good News and Away in the Manger. So sweet! She did such a great job! I'll try and post the video one day...

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