Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Game Day!

This past weekend Jason and I took the kids to the Auburn game. Hannah had not been to a game since she was 8 weeks old and William continued the tradition by attending his first game at 8 weeks! Hannah LOVES anything and everything Auburn. She can sing the fight song and "Glory, glory to Ole Auburn". She was very excited about going to Auburn and seeing Aubie. Grandma got her a cheerleading outfit to wear and I must say, she looked pretty darn cute! =)

My mom and my step-dad, George, have seats just about as high as you can get. I kid you not, they are second row from the top of the upper deck. My Mom likes them there b/c she can see everything! The downside of these seats is the hike to get there, especially when you are weighed down by a sweaty, tired, 25lb 2 year old! I thought I might die there for a second but once we completed the trek, we were fine. (At least I didn't have to carry William in his car seat...that was Daddy's job!) William was able to make his first appearance at the game but he didn't last long. It was just too hot and he was miserable. So he and Jason left and went back to the tailgate about 5 minutes into the 1st quarter. You live and you learn, right? Here are some pictures and videos of our first family gameday of 2008!

Like Mother, Like Daughter???
(Go ahead...make fun of my knee socks! =) Seriously though, haven't they improved these costumes over the years???)

Here she is practicing her shaker skills!
My two muchkins! (Does it look like he loves being held by Hannah as much as Hannah loves holding him??...)
William and Grandpa-George
Our little family!
Hannah loved the game! She was dancing with the music and cheering for the team.

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