Thursday, July 2, 2009

Higher Education

For anyone who has or has had a baby knows that we reach a point where diaper changes are more of a wrestling match than a simple change of the diaper... We are defintiely at that point. Thankfully, William has a new found love for books (as in he no longer cares to eat the pages...but instead likes to look at them!) so I have started giving him a book to look at while I change him. The other day he took his job very seriously. It must have been the choice of book. See for yourself...

So then, (as if thats not cute enough!) thonight Hannah and I thought it would be a good idea to read that particular book to him while we put him nigh-night. (Daddy had to run a work errand so Hannah wanted to help put William down.) So we were looking at the book and I decided on a whim to see if William could point to Aubie. To my surprise, he did!!!! We have only looked at this book a couple of times together and I really don't recall pointing Aubie out to him but I guess he was doing an independant study during all of those diaper changes. He was able to point to Aubie on all 5 pages and he is even hiding on some of them. Of course I had to grab the camera and get proof to show Jason when he got home!

I think we have a natural born Tiger on our hands...unless of course he wants to be a yellow jacket! We just don't have as much Georgia Tech paraphernalia around our house...Sorry Jason!

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Rachel and Cameron said...

Cameron is so jealous, Abby!!! You have taught him well.

Lindsey Henig said...!!! I LOVE IT!! Smart boy, that one :)