Thursday, June 25, 2009

6 Pack and Guys + 5!!!

The highly anticipated trip of the Summer has come and gone... We had so much fun though! All 5 of my bestest friends from Auburn came together last weekend in Dallas! (Everyone that is, except Cam...we missed you!!!)
Its still hard to believe that what used to be 6 of us is now 17!!! How in the world?!?! It was the first time all of us have gotten together since Lindsey and Britton's wedding! We have added a few members since then...

It was such a fun trip! I am so sad its over but we girls already have a girl's weekend getaway planned for September. We are thinking Destin as a throwback to our old college springbreak days...AJ'S anyone? Ewww...

So here are some pictures!

Here is the whole clan including Kiki and Doodah (AKA Mary and David, AKA Liz's parents) who took us all out to a yummy dinner!
Most of our pictures came out like this... Nobdoy could stop laughing. I wish I could blame it on adult beverages but that really wasn't the case....most of the time at least!
We really did a pyramid...Maybe this was one of the times the adult beverages were involved...

Lindsey obsessing with the video monitor! Who doesn't like to kick back with a glass of wine and watch their baby sleep?
Our lake front photo shoot in the kiddos matching outfits! 5 kids under 3 years old are NOT easy subjects!!!!

Hannah and Caitlin playing so sweetly. Caitlin wasn't too sure about all of these kids playing with her new toys but she shared great!
Pollard and William playing not so sweetly... They just loved each other too much!

Getting to know the mini 6-packers!

In getting to know Pollard better I found that he has the most hysterical, explosive, slap your thigh type of laugh! I could listen to that kid all day. No doubt, he is a class clown in the making! If you know his parents, its only fitting. Those 2 keep me laughing non-stop!
Caitlin has a signature look. Its a nose scrunch. Its almost like she thinks she is smiling. Thats how often is happens! It is super funny! Although Caitlin doesn't posess many words in the English language, she is fluent in Caitlinese. Not to be confused with Chinese! Although now that I think about does kind of have that asian flare to it. Liz, look into it! She could be a genius!!! Seriously, Caitlin rattles on and on in her own little language. Its hysterical! She and Hannah played so sweet together!
I mean, just look at her! From day 1, Presley has been such a pretty baby. She has not ever gone through the awkward newborn phase... She has a little personality to match! She is laid back and doesn't cry very often. Just a sweet sweet baby. Hannah took a liking to Presley right away!
You already know about these 2 munchkins! Hannah and William had so much fun with all of the other babies. William loved Pollard but kept trying to hit his face... Pollard just laughed...Love that kid!
Here are the guys on their Father's Day golf outing. Weren't we sweet for letting them out of the house for the day while we managed all 5 children ages 2 and under?!?!
(Too bad they were mandated to "Daddy Duty" the next night while the girls went out to a movie...whoops!)
Group Bath!My little Muscle Man, pushing Caitlin in her pink car!
Pollard in his element!
Linds and Pollard
Hannah and Caitlin in their matching swim-suits
The original 6 with the offspring. Crazy how quick we can multiply! Thanks girls for the most fun weekend ever!!!
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The Johnsons said...

AWWW... so fun! I miss you guys so much! Until September... :)

- liz

Anonymous said...

ok Hannah we see c=ck in the tub so just stand up so we can see p-ssy too