Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Oh yeah....did I mention the snow?

Hannah is 2 for 3 and William is 1 for 1 when it comes to experiencing one real snow in the winter time. It doesn't happen often in the Southeast but when it does we shut down and enjoy it! Well, that is everyone shuts down except Children's Healthcare of Atlanta who still expected me to come in to work! (I am a PRN child life specialist so I get called in to fill in every once in a while.)
So I was stuck at work during the snowstorm and didn't get to play... Very sad! But the kiddos and I went out full force the next day to build a snow man, ride the sled, and maybe even make snow angels! Heres the thing about snow...its cold!!!! We didn't have the proper gloves, I didn't have a good hat and William just plain hated the cold!

We tried to build a snowman but my knit gloves were soaked within the first 5 seconds and as Hannah put it, "the snow was too crunchy!". The snow was actually just a good layer of ice at this point so snow angels were not an option either. Did i mention William hated it?

But I took the obligatory "Snow 2009" pictures and we were inside sipping hot chocolate less than 10 minutes later. Hey, we gave it an honest (albeit Southern) effort! :)

Sweet Baby William...Trying to have fun but he was just too cold and tired. The picture above kind of reminds me of this one: I don't think they look alike but the set-ups are similar. I always love finding pictures set-up similarly so you can really compare them. I don't know about you, but I don't think they even look related! :)

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