Wednesday, April 15, 2009

William is 9 months!

William had his 9 month doctors appointment on Monday. It went well! He weighed 16lb 4oz, still in the 1%. He was 27 in long, 10% and theres still no need to worry about his noggin. His head circumference is in the 89%!!! Yikes! The best news was no shots! Yay!

He is still such a happy boy! His crawling has definitely picked up some speed as has his curiosity. He gets into way more things than Hannah ever did. He knows how to turn the knob on the stereo to pump up the volume and does so very often! He'll crawl over to it then sit down and look to see if anyone is watching. Then he smiles real big, gets on his knees and turns the dial. I even have it on video but it may be too long to upload to this site...

Besides blowing out the speakers his other top interests these days include eating anything and everything, clapping his hands, playing the drums at music class and taking baths!!! It doesn't matter how grumpy the kid can be... once he hears the water running, hes all snaggle tooth smiles and giggles!

Here are some precious pictures of him that our cousin Leslie Anne took last week. Raise your hand if you think she needs to go pro!...

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Anonymous said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm that's a lovely little mouth shame to waste it and no need for a paci to suck, you will like c=ck better anyway such a good boy we are going to be GREAT friends