Friday, April 11, 2008

Horsin' Around!

Hannah has discovered a new love for horses! Her favorite thing to do in the car is search the landscape for horses. If she happens to see one, thats all she can talk about for the next 15 minutes. There is a local stable close to our house that offers horseback riding lessons but only for children 5 years and older. They recently started holding $5 horse rides on Friday afternoons, mainly for the younger children who were too young for lessons. A couple of weeks ago Hannah and I were driving by on a Friday afternoon and decided to stop and see if Hannah was big enough to ride. They were more than happy to accommodate her.

They put her on a huge horse (not exaggerating) and she LOVED it! She was not scared at all! She didn't even have anyone holding on to her as they walked and walked around the ring. I was walking along beside her ready to catch her if she decided she wanted down but she didn't want me touching her at all. Unfortunately Daddy was working far away that day and was not able to be there. We look forward to going again soon with Daddy so he can see firsthand how much fun she had! I'm sure we will have more (better) pictures to show you then!
Doesn't she look tiny sitting up there?
You can kind of see her laughing in this one.


Kristen said...

How cute! Jackson is the same way in the car about constantly being on the lookout for school buses, bulldozers and excavators :)

shannon said...

Hannah makes a great cowgirl. I am so proud she's so brave.

Anonymous said...

You can ride this all day cowgirl