Thursday, March 10, 2011

Very Merry Christmas!

For the second year in a row, we visited Disney for Mickey's Very Merry Christmas party. This year we were in town anyways, in search for a rental house. Now that we are an hour away, I guess it will become a tradition to kick off the Holiday season! The kids have so much fun. The parade is great, its not that crowded and the fireworks are incredible, in true Disney fashion! To top it all off, its a tradition shared with Kian, Hannah's life long friend who is now only a short drive away!
William didn't want his picture taken in front of the he hid IN the sign...
3 men in a teacup! :)
William during the parade. Waved at everyone!
Mickey and Minnie!
The highlight for Hannah
The highlight for Tuck
My favorite part, Cinderella's coach
The castle in lights
The rest of our Christmas pictures are on my mom's camera... But here is one to say
Merry Belated Christmas from The Simmons!!!

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