Thursday, March 10, 2011

Life in the Sunshine state

Well, we have been here almost 3 months now! I can't believe its been that long! I have to say I really like Tampa. The "winter" weather is really nice. I love our location although I don't know if we will buy something in this specific area. We are still looking. I love the scenery and being so close to the beach. I love that my children can start swimming lessons March 1st in an outdoor pool and I love that I have a tan and its not even mid-march! ;) I'm happy with Hannah's school even though we really miss her old one... I love that it takes me 7 minutes to get there!
I miss family. I miss friends. I miss knowing my state as "home". Overall, we are very happy here and look forward to settling in further!
Here are a few...or a lot of pictures from the past few months!
We had a visit from Graham, Laurel and Audrey!!!
The boys at the zoo
Hannah and Audrey. (Hannah pouting...)

Hannah loves climbing trees! Who knew?!

A little trip to downtown Disney. Laurel had a conference in Orlando so Graham and Audrey played with us. They ended up playing a little longer than planned since Atlanta was buried in snow and ice!! Flights were delayed for a few days.
Hannah and William were very concentrated at the lego store.

Fast forward a few weeks... Time for Gasperilla! This was our first Gasperilla experience. Think Mardi gras...but Pirate themed! :) Fun parade+lots of beads=Hannah in Heaven! :)
The parade happens on Bayshore Avenue. It was a cold day in Tampa!
William loves the water!!!
a bull nosed ray swam by to say Hello!
A chilly-willy Tuck!
Maybe Gasperilla should have had its own post. I'm having a hard time narrowing down the pictures!!
Here are the pirates coming to invade Tampa!!!
William (watching the water again) waiting for the pirate ship to fire its canon
Hannah with her beads!
Hannah earning them...
The final pile of loot or booty...or whatever it is that pirates call it... maybe treasure??
We can't wait to make the Gasperilla parade an annual tradition!

I have to say that there are parks and playgrounds galore around here!!! We have tried out quite a few. Here are some pictures from one of our favorites

This is such a Jason-as-a-child smile!

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