Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fall Favorites

One of these days.... Maybe... I hope to be better at blogging. It means so much to me to preserve these memories and share them with our loved ones but 3 small children and a consistently messy house and 2 dogs require a LOT of time!!!
I know its Spring but here are a few of my favorite memories from this Fall. First up? Halloween!! My two precious tigers and my peacock princess! Hannah loved her costume and the boys tolerated theirs pretty well. No more fluffy fleece costumes for these kids anymore. Those will simply not work in a Florida October! I had to make the most of them this year!
Here is Hannah loading up to go to school on Halloween
The biggest tiger at Hannah's school
Hannah with 2 of her best friends from school, Madison and Ellie.
She misses them terribly but will get to see them on our Spring Break visit! :)
Hannah in her "sassy" pose
Her favorite part, the feathers!!

The 3 before trick-or-treating
(Note that is not the correct peacock crown. It was accidentally left behind at our house. Hannah told me Halloween was "RUINED" so we borrowed a princess crown from Aunt Maddie. I guess Halloween was saved. The drama....)
His little tail is to die for...or is it his little tush thats so cute? ;)
Ok, enough Halloween. Some other fun times in the Simmons household? How about this?

Look familliar? Oh! Probably because Hannah did the same thing!! Click here for the original! Feels a little like deja vu, right?

Here is Hannah with another of her best friends, AK. She is also very very missed by my sweet girl. They were pilgrims in the 4k Thanksgiving Program! :)

Hannah before the big feast!
Hannah's old teacher, Ms. Morgan. This one is framed in her room. She loves Ms. Morgan and misses her immensely. She likes her new teacher but not like Ms. Morgan.
I miss Ms. Morgan too! :(

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Laurel Tucker said...

Holy crap that is deja vu! I was looking at that pic and was like, "she already posted this, did ab forget?" Then I realized it was Hannah. Wow.