Thursday, July 10, 2008

No baby yet

Just a little update. Abby received an epidural around 11:45. Mike and Kathy Tucker are here as well as Cissie. Before the epidural, the pitosin was doing its job and Abby had about 30 seconds to breathe between contractions. They slowed the pitosin, which helped a good bit, and then gave Abby the epidural, which changed everything and now we are watching Fox News and chatting. The experts are thinking we may have a baby in an hour or two.

Abby's bp got a little low and the baby's heart rate began to be affected by the contractions. They are mildly concerned that the chord may be wrapped or something like that, but they gave abby something to get her bp back up and the baby's heartrate is presently not affected by the contractions.

Abby's totally comfortable, still has good feeling and control of her lower half and we are waiting for him to drop a little more so we can get him.

Check later for another update.

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shannon said...

We love you, two. I send strength and love, Shannon