Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hello from Hannah!

As many of you know, Hannah is at the beach this week with my family. Jason and I obviously could not go as we are about to be in the hospital but we felt the best thing for Hannah was to go ahead and go without us. I never imagined how tough it would be!!! I knew I would miss her but I find myself looking through pictures and videos more often than I thought I would. I just miss her so much! Luckily my Mom and I have kept in close contact! I have gotten to speak with Hannah a few times but you can tell she is too busy to really talk. Mom was so sweet and sent Jason and I some pictures last night of Hannah having a blast on the beach. I cried, of course, but I loved seeing them!
Day 1: Off to a slow start. After getting sunscreen in her eye first thing in the morning, she fussed until she fell asleep under the tent on the beach for 2 hours. After that little pick me up, she was good to go! We've all been there, right?
Playing in the surf
My precious girl!
Playing with cousin Kevin
Posing for Grandma. Apparently she was grumpy by this point. Too many pictures...


Anonymous said...

Damn that is all that can explain that butt picture

Anonymous said...

love her laid out like that, just take down her bottoms and diaper then eat her p-ssy and tounge punch her bum