Friday, July 11, 2008

More Pictures!

This post was supposed to go out Friday but we lost our internet connection at the hospital... SO here it is a few days late!

William is officially 24 hours old! He is so perfect. So far he is very sweet and good natured. He had his circumcision today which was sad but he is sleeping it off now. Here are some of my favorite pictures from last night and today.

Our first official family photo. Hannah was with us in spirit! =)

We are home now and adjusting to the newest addition to our family. Hannah is back with us so now are just figuring out our new dynamics. I will try to get back on and post more pictures and updates soon! As for now, things are a little more difficult than I imagined but also more perfect than I could have hoped for. Thanks for checking in!


Laurel said...

He's so cute! We enjoyed our visit today, thanks for letting us come meet the little man!

shannon said...

I cried the first day Ronnie left me with the two little ones and I thought I'd never again have the opportunity to shower. I may not shower without someone jabbering to me. . . but I do get to shower and I'm even looking forward to the next little one (ESPECIALLY after seeing that sweet William and you being Superwoman and all!).
I'm just here to say, a routine will work its way into your lives gently and you'll forget all the hard stuff! Until then, may God bless you and we all love you. And- remember to laugh when the poop flies, etc.