Monday, July 21, 2008

Alive and Well

Sorry it has been so long since our last update. We are still doing really well. Hannah is adjusting and trying really hard to be a "big girl". All things considered she is doing extremely well. She has her moments where she acts out or has a whiny melt down but I think its as much of her being 2 as it is having a new brother. She loves William and wants to hold him and share her toys all the time.
William is still a champ so far. He is on the newborn eat, sleep, and poop schedule. He is awake some during the day but he is pretty laid back during those times. He just looks out the window or likes to be held. He is a very easy baby but it is only day 11 so we will see how things go. So far he has been a dream!
OK, so I know all you really want is pictures so here you go. I just realized how few I have on my camera. I'll work on taking some more! =)
Morning #1 with Hannah and William

Sleeping- what he does best! (Not that I'm complaining...)

Our laid back little man
Hannah and Daddy taking a break from Baby duty and getting the grass cut

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Kristen said...

Oh Abby, how wonderful to have another mom who's life is so similar to mine :) The adjustment of being 2 and having a new member of the and exhausting at times. And the joy of having such a sweet, laid back, and beautiful little newborn to love on. Been thinking of you...