Tuesday, May 18, 2010

General Update

I was shocked when I saw the link to my blog from someone else's page the other day and it said I have not updated in 1 month!!! We have definitely been very busy lately and finding time to sit down at the computer is getting harder and harder... especially when your 3 year old thinks she can play computer games whenever she wants, which is usually as soon as I sit down to do something!

So what have we been up to? Here are some updates!

We'll start with Baby #3!! Believe it or not I will be 36 weeks pregnant at the stroke of midnight tonight!!! I cannot believe that we will meet our newest little one so soon! We still do not know the gender so we are very anxious to find that out! Hannah is still certain it is a girl but is definitely better with the fact that it could be a boy. The other day I heard her tell someone, "I think the new baby is a girl but my parents think its a boy". True statement but I was shocked to hear her call us her "parents". What happened to Mommy and Daddy? But more on Hannah in a minute. I still really have no idea what this baby is. I say boy if I have to guess but I'm really not carrying any different than with the first 2. The little peanut is very healthy and growing right on track! I'm trying to get away without having to induce this one but we'll see what happens. I'm about to start going to the doctor every week so we will definitely keep you up to date!

Now onto Hannah: She only has 1 day left of 3K!!! I cannot believe she has completed her first year of school! She is excited but I think she is going to miss it! Hannah is SO very excited about the new baby coming. She talks about it every day. As I mentioned before, she still really wants the baby to be a girl but says she will still love another baby brother. It helps to have Audrey (My precious little niece) nearby so Hannah can get her baby girl fix. Hannah talks to the baby by name (the boy and the girl one) and sings sweet songs to him/her. She is going to be such a good big sister! She actually already is! It warms my heart every time she sticks up for William at the park or in her classroom when we go to pick her up. The other day at her school there were several kids crowding around him, talking to him. Hannah was right there next to him. She spread her arms out in front of William and said, "Ok guys. Lets back up a little bit.". William was unphased by all of the attention but I love that Hannah feels the need to protect him.
She is also very excited about her 4th Birthday which will be here before we know it... She often counts the months until August because thats when she turns 4. I'm afraid she thinks something magical is going to happen on August 17th. I have heard her say a number of things like, "I'm too little to swim without my water wings now but I can when I turn 4!". Hopefully she won't be disappointed when she wakes up on her birthday and nothing has really changed...

As for my current baby, he is still too precious for his own good! He is such a little comedian and cracks Jason and I up endlessly! He is still a tiny little dude but growing every day! He has a very healthy appetite which makes me slightly weary of his teenage years. I don't know where it all goes. He eats more than Hannah at pretty much every meal and Hannah is a pretty good eater herself... William is talking a lot more and starting to sing some songs but not a lot of people can understand him yet. Its so amazing to me how different children are. When Hannah was William's age she was talking in very articulate, complete sentences. Not so much for my little man but he tries! I think its a combination of being a boy and being the second child. I feel bad because I know he has got to be so frustrated. He will repeat the same word/sound over and over and I just don't know what he is trying to say! He is usually very patient and figures out other ways to tell me what he wants.
Even though he LOVES his Daddy he is still very much a Mama's boy! Besides pointing to my tummy and saying, "baby", he has no clue whats about to happen! His world may be turned upside down but I think his love for babies will help him adjust.

I guess that's us in a nutshell for now! Keep scrolling down! There are a few new posts to show you a few of the things we have been up to lately!

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Graham said...

Love the Audrey shout out.

Lisa said...

What a beautiful family! Thanks for catching us up :-)

Amy said...

Loved reading all the updates! You look great! It won't be too much longer. I can't wait to hear what you're having - I will be looking for blog updates...and hopefully it won't be months after the baby is born - ha! Hannah and William are just the sweetest looking babies! Love seeing all the pics :)

Rachel and Cameron said...

I can't believe you're 36 weeks! I hope it goes by fast for you. Cannot wait to meet the newest little one!!! We miss you guys so much. Hope you are feeling good. LOVE William's nakey pictures. Looks like yall are having lots of fun!