Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Secret Behind Door #3!

Leslie Anne has come and gone... She worked her magic and has left us wondering... In case you do not remember from this post, our cousin Leslie Anne is the only person on earth who knows the gender of this baby. We did this so that she could come down and decorate/set everything up in the baby's room so everything will be ready upon baby's arrival yet we will still be surprised. This was the only stressful part of not finding out for me. Yes, we have everything but then you have to get it all set up...bedding, wash appropriate clothes and fill up drawers and closets... Now I won't have to worry about doing this when the baby is here, which is such a relief!!!
Originally she was going to paint the baby's room as well but since she is expecting not one but TWO more babies of her own, Jason went ahead and painted the room a nice neutral yellow! :)

LA came down a few weeks ago and worked her magic. She used all of our previous boy or girl stuff but I know she put her little creative spin on things and I can't wait to see it! For a few days there I started to think Hannah was more excited about seeing the room than meeting the baby!

So the room is finished...and locked! Everyone says the same thing, "How do you not pick the lock?!?!". My response is that I truly don't want to know. I mean, of course I want to know...but I figure we have waited this long. If I found out now, I would probably be so mad! Jason and I are so excited about the big reveal in the delivery room. It just feels that much more exciting!

I still have no clue... I'e been thinking Boy all along but then last week I was thinking Girl. But for the last few days every stranger who feels the need to predict has said Boy, which has me on the Boy train again... We shall find out soon enough! Well, maybe not quite soon enough! I had my 38 week appt last Friday and i was barely 1/2cm. My midwife predicted another overdue baby! I go back on Thursday so I will update again then!

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Amy said...

you are a stronger woman than me! i can't even keep from opening my christmas presents early....
can't wait to find out!!!

LA said...

Cannot wait for you to find out!! Love you all!