Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Secrets Revealed...and Happy 1 Week Birthday to Tucker!!

Hannah was beyond thrilled when Leslie Anne brought her the coveted key to the hospital when Tucker was born. We made a big deal about her being in charge of the key and unlocking it when we got home. Leslie Anne put the key on a ribbon for Hannah to wear around her neck. Hannah took her job very seriously! We were thrilled with the outcome of the room! Here are the promised pictures! Thanks again Leslie Anne! :)

As for this munchkin, I can't believe he is 1 week old!!! On one hand it seems like he was just born yesterday. On the other, it feels like he has been with us forever! Both of the kids adore him and are adjusting well so far. William has acted out a bit more than normal but part of that may be because we have stayed cooped up in our house since we got home from the hospital. I just haven't had the courage to brave an outing with all 3 of them yet... Maybe soon!

Tucker has been a very good baby so far. The first couple nights at home had me a little bit scared but the last few nights have been better. I have been spoiled with children who sleep well from the get-go... Hannah started sleeping 8 hours through the night when she was 2 weeks old and William was giving me 4-6 hour stretches about then too. Beyond that, when they did wake up in the middle of the night, they would eat and go straight back to sleep. So waking up every 3 hours in the middle of the night wasn't bad. Tucker's first few nights at home were different in that he would wake up, eat and then have gas bubbles for the next hour. It wasn't like he was screaming and crying for hours but he was restless and needed some loving, which meant no sleep for Mama. The past few nights have been much better. He pretty much wakes up at 3 hours to the minute to eat but then he is ready to get right back in the moses basket. He has even given me a couple of 4-4.5 hour stretches. We could still have many sleepless nights ahead of us but right now I actually don't feel too sleep deprived.

As for during the day, he pretty much still just sleeps and eats and poops. He is very laid back and very tolerant of all the MANY sugars he receives from Hannah and William throughout the day. They both love to hold him and give him the sweetest kisses. His hair still looks pretty light and his eyes are still very blue. I think he looks so much like Hannah did when she was a baby! Here is a picture to compare. In trying to find some good ones to compare, I realized we need to take a lot more pictures of Tucker! I'll try and post more soon.
He had an appointment with the pediatrician on Monday and weighed 9lb 5oz! Only an ounce off of his birth weight! He had dropped to 8lb 15oz when we left the hospital Friday but he gained it all back over the weekend. He is a really good eater!

I guess that's about it for us right now. Jason is back at work, which really stinks! But we only have 2 more days and then we are off to the beach! We are so excited!

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Rachel and Cameron said...

Oh, the nursery is beautiful!! LOVE IT! It looks so peaceful. Glad to hear you're getting some sleep... wish I was closer to help!! Tucker is so cute!