Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Happy Birthday William!!!

My little boy turned 2 on Saturday... Where is the time going? He got to celebrate by spending all day in the car driving home from the beach! Good thing he is still too young to know the difference! Aunt Amy baked him a cake to celebrate Friday night and he was serenaded pretty much all day Saturday with the Happy Birthday song. He was loving it!!
So sorry for the lack of updates recently. We have been busy busy bees! We took off last week to Grayton beach with 21 other members of my family. We have a blast but the beach deserves its own post... Hopefully it will happen soon but if it doesn't its because this week I am working to put together William's Birthday party which will be at our house this Saturday...ready or not! :) Its a Nemo party, of course! :)

I'm sure there will be full Birthday coverage sometime next week!

William had his 2 year appointment at the pediatrician yesterday. Hes still my little scrimp! He is still hanging out in the 3% for weight. He is 71% in height and 99% in head circumference. Doctor B is still not worried about him at all. He "wears" it well and eats plenty...its just his metabolism! Ladies, its OK to be jealous!

The rest of us are doing well. Tucker has been sleeping pretty well. He usually gives me a 4-5 hour stretch to kick the night off and then hes every 3 hours until we are up for the day. Last night he had a rough, gassy night which has led to an unproductive day for me today. Lets hope he doesn't keep that up! He has been feeling good most of today so hopefully it was just a temporary thing!
Hannah is with my Mom and attending an Art camp during the day this week. She is having a lot of fun but I miss her...

Baby is crying, gotta go but expect some more updates soon! :)

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Amy said...

so cute! glad to hear y'all are doing well! we are going to grayton beach next week...i've never been, but i'm excited! any suggestions on places to eat/shop? ;)

Rachel and Cameron said...

Oh William's invitation is PRECIOUS! Wish we were closer to see him on the big day and meet baby Tucker! (BTW, I am an idiot and mailed his bday card back in June. For some reason, I thought his bday was like 2 weeks ago... my mistake!!) Miss you ALL!!