Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The perfect Spring Day/ My son, the Nudist!

This past Saturday before Mothers day is my new blueprint for the perfect Spring day! We all woke up and ate Daddy's famous pancakes and then we just hung out together! The weather was perfect!! It was warm and sunny with a perfect breeze!
After breakfast, we pulled out the hammock and set up the kids pool. It was all fun and games until William decided he would rather NOT wear his swim suit... He pretty much ran around in his Birthday suit all day... But who cares? He was having fun! (Don't worry, I used a spray sunscreen so all areas were covered, even parts where the suns not used to shining)
Warning! Post contains graphic photos but NO full frontal nudity! ;)
Jason started his day with a tutorial on how to get the honey out of a honeysuckle.

OK, so really? If YOU were looking at a tush this cute, would YOU make him put clothes on?! I didn't think so...
Running laps through the yard. Why not?
And of course, helping to water my flowers
Gotta love the teamwork!!
Daddy and his girl, relaxing in the hammock with Annie and Bentley keeping watch!
My happy boy!
I wish every day could be as perfect as this!

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Anonymous said...

I want to pull down that swim skirt bend her over and mount her and ride that tiny bumhole all day

Anonymous said...

yes me too , and spread his bum cheeks and stick my tounge DEEEEEP in his bum

Anonymous said...

prefer full frontal nudity mum