Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Steeplechase '08

Another exciting piece of our jam packed weekend (a week and a half ago...sorry for the delay!).
Hannah's third steeplechase and a third consecutive year with gorgeous weather! Hannah had a blast watching the horses! Thanks to our good friend Lindsey, she also looked the part!
She wanted to ride the horses but I'm afraid she doesn't have the skill for high speed racing yet. In fact, she turned down the opportunity for a pony ride, which has never happened before!!!
Here are some pictures of our fun day!
Note the "crazy hair" (as Hannah would call it). Her curls definitely prefer the more humid weather. She is also most definitely due for a trim...first one ever. I'm sad. Expect many pictures and pray for her curls to come back!
Side note: By the time most of these pictures were taken, hair bows, tights and shoes had been shed. Well, Hannah's anyways! =)

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