Monday, November 17, 2008

Hannah's new hairdo!

Ok, so it is nothing drastic but a girl's first hair-cut is a BIG deal!!! I was pleasantly surprised with the way the whole ordeal turned out...

We arrived at the salon (I chickened out and couldn't do it myself). We had been talking about it for a while and I knew she was scared. I got my hair trimmed while we were there 1) because I needed it badly and 2) I was hoping it would prove to her there was nothing to be afraid of.
While I was getting mine cut, Hannah and Jason played with the camera and took lots of pictures of me (Thanks for that...) When it was her turn we tried to get her to sit on my lap. I was trying to pick her up but was arching her back and screaming bloody murder!!! I didn't know what to do! She wouldn't let the girl even put the smock on her. I was about to get up and just leave but I looked at Jason and he said, "just get the thing on her and lets go!". Smart Daddy! The smock had jungle animals on it and seeing as how Madagascar is currently one of her top 3 favorite things, we played that up to our advantage!
I kid you not, mid-scream Hannah looked up at her stylist and said, "I saw Madagascar 2 on the BIG TV!!!" Even the stylist looked at me and said, "well that was random!". From then on, she was fine! She worked on her lollipop, talked up a storm and did a great job!
Don't worry...we didn't take off much and her curls are still very much there, but it was just getting a little too straggly in the back.
Still a bit teary but cooperating...
The First Snip
I just love the way she is looking at me...

Holding still like a BIG girl

"Whoa Lady! Watch where you are spraying that stuff!!!"
The finished product!
I think she likes it!
Here is a little before and after...

AFTER (she wouldn't let me get a good shot from the front. I will soon though!)

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Laurel Tucker said...

Hannah, if it makes you feel any better, I cried when I got my haircut the last time too.

Baedke Family said...

So cute! Love the pics!

The Johnsons said...

Oh my gosh! I love the hair! So glad the curls are still spiraling! Hannah, Call me when you need curly hair advice!

Anonymous said...

at least you won't have to trim the hair between your legs for a long time, going to be nice n bald just how I like kitty