Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My "Smooky" Kids

Halloween was a blast this year! It was fun with Hannah last year, but this year she was really into it! We talked a lot about all of the decorations we saw on people's houses and in shops. I tried explaining to her that people were trying to make things look spooky or scary. She picked up the word spooky very quickly. She loves to tell me when things were spooky except she pronounced it "smooky"! I have to admit, it was pretty cute. I don't know why she couldn't say it right because I know she can pronounce the "sp" sound. We even practiced. I would tell her to say, "sp- sp- spooky" and she would say, "sp- sp- SMOOKY!" Oh well!
We trick-or-treated in our neighborhood and had a good time. We thought we would be sly and pull her in the wagon between houses to speed up the process which was great until she decided she wanted to pull the wagon mid-way through the neighborhood. Why am I complaining? It only added about an hour to the whole ordeal... She had a blast though and it was totally worth it. We just had some pooped kiddos by the time we were finished!
She did a great job saying "trick-or-treat" and even thanked everyone who gave her a treat. Well, we had one little mishap... We got to meet one of our new neighbors. She is a very sweet lady named Miss. Francis. Miss Francis answered the door and talked to us for a little while without her treat bowl in her arms. After a minute of introductions and small talk Hannah looked up at Miss Francis and said, "will you go and get me a treat?". Ahh, talk about embarrassing!!!! Miss Francis was very sweet though and laughed it off!
OK, here are some pictures of our "smooky" night out!
Hannah with our carved pumpkin. (Good job Daddy!) =)
Hannah with a treat bag as big as she is!Have you ever seen a "smookier" dragon?

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