Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My little Swimmers!

I am aware that it is January. I am also aware that I have not updated in many many months... There is no way I can catch up on everything, but there are a few things that I would like to add. One is an update on our swimming adventures from last Summer!
Tucker started his lessons through Kinderswim which taught him basic survival skills in the water. Pools are everywhere here and its something we felt he needed! Jason prefers to call them "supervised drowning lessons" but they really werent that bad... It was a little difficult to watch sometimes but his teacher was amazing and turned it into a really postitive experience! He started lessons in late July. He swam for 10 minutes, monday-thursday. By October he could "swim" from his instructor to the edge of the pool. If he couldn't make it to the side he could roll onto his back and float. Its amazing! Their instincts are so incredible! Keep in mind, hes not completely happy while hes doing this but he still loves the water and he LOVES Katja!!
Ou next challenge was William. William is very cautious in the water. He LOVES to swim and o under the water but he will not leave the steps. He swims like a fish as long as he knows the bottom is within his reach. Katja (Tuck's instructor) wanted to teach William. I didn't think it would work. I know William... I know his stubborness. I knew he was going to freak. Day 1...SCREAMING!  Not just screaming, he was MAD! He was straight-up yelling at poor Katja. I was mortified! He was saying things like, "I'm Done! I'm DONE OF THIS!". It was awful. Day 2....he was SWIMMING! He was going from Katja to the steps and back to Katja. It truly was incredible! He is still pretty cautious but I feel so much better about him being near/in the water. His biggest obstacle is water temperature. Due to his next-to-nothing body fat %, he does not stand for cold water. Katja keeps her pool very heated... Now hes pretty spoiled!


Hannah took a few lessons in early Spring. She was almost 5 at the time so she picked it up really quickly. She swam almost everyday at the house. She can't wait for Spring to get here so she can swim again!

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