Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hannah the Kindergartner

Hannah is officially a Kindergartner! The first day was  a little rough (for me!)...but she loves it and is doing so well! She loves her teacher, her friends and her school!
Here she is on the first day of school!
And here with her best friend!
Riding her bike to school!
Jason brought her flowers for her first day.
Bless her, she thought they needed to be watered....

 The Kiwanis Club of Hillsborough County awards a "terrific kid" award every month. Each month comes with a different theme. The first month of school, the theme was 'respect'. One student is selected from each class every month. The teacher selects the student that best embodies the theme for the month and is an overall good citizen. Hannah was selected from her class for the month of September, the first month of awards for the year! We are so proud of her! Here is Hannah getting her certificate from the Kiwanis club!

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