Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer Birthday Bash

2 of our 3 Summer Birthdays have come and gone. Tuck turned 1 inJune, William turned 3 in July and Hannah will turn 5 next week! A few days after Tucker's Birthday we celebrated with our families back in Georgia. Aunt Shannon helped us host the big party to celebrate all 3 of our Summer babies. It was nice to be able to celebrate with our families and REALLY nice to only plan 1 party! ;) We had a beachy theme. There was swimming and pinatas for the kids...margaritas and yummy food for the adults!
The kids decorated buckets which later would be used to collect pinata goodies! Hannah and william worked hard on theirs!

Leis and hair bows!

Fun time with family and friends!
Sweet Presley!
Desserts!! We were lucky enough to have Ronnie's famous caramel cake and cupcakes!!

Time for Cake!!

Everyone getting their cake

Family Shot

Tuck with his cake... He was hysterical. Ive never seen a baby take on and demolish a cake the way our big boy did! :)


I wish I had a picture of what was left of this cake... It wasn't much! The kid had it up his nose, in his ears.... He thoroughly enjoyed it!

Grandy was on clean-up crew... Thanks Grandy!

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Rachel and Cameron said...

Such a fun party!! I love how Tucker just attacked his cake... priceless! We miss yall! Can't wait to see you in Sept.

Anonymous said...

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