Saturday, August 21, 2010

Turning 4 is a BIG deal!!

My Hannah is 4... When did this happen?! How does time fly by so fast?! I intended to post this on her actual Birthday but last week turned crazy really fast!! Hannah had a stomach bug and missed school on Tuesday (her actual Birthday) and Thursday. Luckily she was able to go on Wednesday and celebrate her Birthday with her class.
She had us in stitches all day on Tuesday, the BIG day! We were talking to her in the morning while Jason fixed her her breakfast of choice, chocolate chip pancakes!! We said something to the effect of, "Hannah, you are FOUR now!". She looked at us and said, "Wait, what?! Are my rainbow shoes still going to fit me?"
Bless her heart... She thought that turning 4 had caused her to grow overnight. Other comments from the day included...
Hannah: "Wow! Look how long my legs are!!!"

(while washing her hands at the sink after going potty)
Me: Hannah, are you OK?
Hannah: Yes, but look at my hands!!! I think they grew!

(Getting ready for bed that night. I was downstairs cleaning the kitchen while Jason worked on getting PJs on and brushing teeth. I hear lots of pounding feet...)
Hannah: (yelling excitedly) Dad!!! I can run SO fast now! And look! I can jump almost to the ceiling!!!

She is such a blessing... I hated that she was sick. This is only the second time she has had a stomach bug and its so sad because she is such a trooper through it all. She threw up constantly Monday from about 3pm-midnight. Luckily she felt fine Tuesday but still had to miss school. That night we celebrated her Birthday at her favorite restaurant (which is cracker barrell...) with one of her best friends, Ellie, who was also born on August 17th, 2006! Here are a few pictures of Hannah's Birthday breakfast, dinner at the CB and Hannah celebrating at school!
Surprise Present from Grandma! Her very own copy of a library favorite!
Trying to tell Grandma she loves her. Note: the tongue out signifies heavy duty concentration!

Hannah and Ellie
At school
Not very happy...
Just plain silly!

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Anonymous said...

happy b day, bet you are looking forward to our yearly b day bed time together, I think 4 is old enough for back door, it's ok I will use lots of lube and this means I will be able to c-m in you, cant wait to see how good you look with c-m dripping from your bum