Saturday, August 21, 2010

How many themes are too many themes?

Hannah and I have been talking about and pre-planning this 4th Birthday party for some time. She changed her mind quite a few times before asking if we could combine some of her ideas...which is how this party came to be. Take a look! :) (click to enlarge)

That's right! We had the first ever "Princess, Rainbow, Butterfly, and Boiled Peanuts party"! Hannah was thrilled to celebrate with some of our closest family and friends. Thank you to everyone who joined us! Hannah truly had a blast!

Hannah enjoying some of her "bowled" peanuts. (How did she get to be so Southern?!)Her guests got to take home a pot of gold from the end of the rainbow!
on the slip-n-slide
Hannah and her friend, Olivia :)
Her response to the Belle dress, "Oh! Its what I've always dreamed about!"
Trying on the rain get-ups from Grandma. And wasn't raining!

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Rachel and Cameron said...

Oh my gosh, both Hannah and William's parties looked like so much fun. You are such a wonderful mom, Abby- truly an inspiration. Glad Tucker is sleeping so well these days. Wish we could've come to celebrate with yall this summer. Miss you lots!