Sunday, March 15, 2009

A few Christmas Pictures

I know, I know...its March! We had such a great Christmas though! Plus, I'm trying to spread a little Christmas cheer throughout the year! :)

Christmas was a blast this year! Hannah was so into everything! She loved her nativity set and the decorations and even the stories about why we really celebrate Christmas. She loved Santa Claus...that is, until we paid him a visit...
Oh well!
I really enjoyed Christmas this year because we were really able to establish some of our own family traditions. Hannah got to hang up her stocking Christmas Eve and she baked Santa some cookies. In all of the excitement, we really forgot to take many pictures but here are some of my favorites that we did take!
Christmas PJs- Always the first present of Christmas (at home) and always opened Christmas Eve!
Hanging up her stocking Christmas Eve
Christmas Morning

I'll spare her the embarrassing shots of her actually taking the PJs off, which of course is what she did next. I guess she just looked so cute I forgot to take a picture of her fully dressed in her new Cinderella dress! Bad Mommy...

Our day was filled with much more excitement than that but unfortunately thats about all the pictures we have... We took videos but I don't have those all sorted out yet. Baby steps people...

Heres a fun Christmas story though. It is what could have been a Christmas disaster!!!
So, we kept asking Hannah (starting around Thanksgiving) what she wanted Santa to bring her. She would always get really excited and talk about what Santa does every Christmas Eve but she would never say what it was she wanted him to bring her, until Christmas Eve...
We were in her bedroom putting on her PJs that night when she said:
H: Santa is going to bring me a train!
Me: Oh, really?!?!
H: Yes, he is. He is going to bring me a pink train!
I was a little panicky at first because surely by 8:00 Christmas Eve night Santa's sleigh was packed and ready to go, right? Luckily, I had nothing to fear! This is what he had in his sleigh for Hannah and William:
I don't know if you can see it, but Rosie was one of the first first trains on the table and she happens to be pink. Man, that Santa! He is GOOD!
Now I just have to get Hannah to understand that Santa may need a little bit more warning in the future! ;)

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