Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Another William Weigh-In

William went for his 8 month weight-check this morning. He grew some more but still not a TON! He weighed in at 15lb 12oz which I was pretty pleased with. Thats up from 15.1 last month. Well, then they came back and said we had to strip him down to his skimmies and weigh him again. This time it was 15.8. Still not bad but not a huge amount of growth! Again, he grew in all 3 parameters (weight, length, and head circumference) ...but just a little bit.
After a thorough examination from the pediatrician, she gave us her diagnosis: lightening speed metabolism!
He is right on target developmentally and consumes a huge amount of calories. Apparently he just burns right through them. So our sweet doctor has traded in her worry for a little bit of envy!
The only thing left we have to worry about is our wallets when this kid hits puberty! ;)

I can honestly say I was never really worried about him. I knew deep down that he was healthy, but when our doctor wanted to see him every month I couldn't help but feel a tiny bit anxious...
But now, everyone involved feels confident that there is nothing wrong with our sweet little tyke! I mean really, does it look like William is worried??

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