Monday, September 13, 2010

Update on the Little Man!

I cannot believe Tucker is almost 12 weeks old!!! Its completely mind-blowing how fast time is flying by. Its been a whirlwind but not because of Tucker. He is still a dream. He still sleeps 10-12 hours every night and sleeps great during the day. I have to wake him up every morning to take Hannah to school. He doesn't always care for his carseat but thats really the only time he fusses unless hes really hungry or really tired.

We have been going non-stop lately. Hopefully I will be able to put up some pictures this week. Hannah is on Fall break so at least I don't have to get everyone up and running at an early hour for 5 whole days! :)

Tuck had his 2 month appt (the re-do where is was actually covered by insurance). His doctor still thinks he has torticollis but I'm not buying it 100%. Well...I guess I am technically "buying" it since I'm paying for physical therapy but I really don't think he has it. His PT appt is set for mid-October so I guess we will see.

It looks like Tucker's growth is patterning after big sis and big bro. His weight went from 77% at 1 month to 33% at 2 months! He weighed 11lb 10oz. We are going to take him in for a weight check at 3 months just to make sure hes still growing. After all of the worrying we did over William only to contribute slow weight gain to high metabolism, I'm not worried about T at all! Hannah's growth did the same exact thing. They start out big, they grow slowly. Not a big deal...

He was 24in long and has a big head...just like the other 2!

Tucker smiles all of the time and is still pretty tolerant of the older sibing's affections. He loves to watch his tigers (his AU mobile) and is really good friends with Mr. Star from his activity mat! :)

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Amy said...

he is so cute! i can't believe it has already been 12 weeks!! i think he looks like hannah in the picture you posted.... :)

Rachel and Cameron said...

He is precious, Abby! Looks like such a fun Labor Day weekend. You are a CHAMP for taking 3 kids out as often as you do!! I think I'd be stuck at home a lot!! Glad yall are doing well!