Monday, February 15, 2010

Dancing Fools!

Hannah has been on a huge ballet kick lately. She loves to make up moves and put on performances for us. Some of her moves are pretty funny... :) Here is a video of her dancing. You will be able to tell that she doesn't much like to share the spotlight...Something we need to work on! But don't worry, William will have his time to shine next...
William jumped up next and wanted to take his turn!

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Amy said...

Girl....your kids have got some mooooooves! :) I love the videos and Hannah laughing at William is just too cute! Hope you're feeling great! Congrats on your new niece, too!

LA said...

Can we please come join the dance party?

Lindsey Henig said...

Oh! This makes my day. I like how Hannah's shirt looks like she has puffy shoulder pads. Goes perfectly with her 80's style dance moves. Was that HER giggling when William was rocking it out? That was great!!