Monday, August 17, 2009

A Party fit for a Princess! :)

It truly was a day to remember! Hannah had a BLAST at her Princess party! So many tiaras, so much pink and to top it all off, GREAT family and friends to share it with! Get ready for a pink princess picture overload!!!
(**I apologize for not doing a slide show but since one day I hope to print this blog into a book, I like to post each and every picture I share! :)**)
Welcome to Hannah's Princess Ball!!!
Olivia, Hannah and Madison
Princess Hannah with her cousins, Alli and Kelsey
The Spread
Cupcake Lillipops! I mean...Magic Wand Cakes :)

Hannah working hard on her Princess necklace!
Hannah's friend, Piper
Aunt Lauren, Nana, and Barrett
Kimberly, Kevin and Cinderella...I mean, Olivia! :)
Chad and Bridge
A LOT of princess gear waiting to be unwrapped...
Enjoying magic wands...
Tinkerbell, Uncle Terry and the twins!
Jason and Tristan working on a Beautiful crown! :)
Emma and Baby Kate (in her snow white dress!)
Barrett, William, and Aidan
William as Prince Phillip
Olivia in her crown and necklace
Amelie taking it all in
All of the Princesses
Hannah's New Toy!!!!
Cavan and Aidan taking it for a spin
I strongly suggest clicking this picture to make it big and check out Hannah's earrings! ;)
I was cracking up while filming... She is probably the worst 3 year old driver on the planet...Another exciting toy.... Meet Snow white, the purple fish!

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Jennifer Trott said...

Abby, she is THE MOST PRECIOUS LITTLE GIRL IN THE WORLD and your party is too much for words. It looks like it was so much fun! I am going to have to ask you for advice when we need to start planning birthday parties! :) Your family is so beautiful!! Hope to see ya'll soon ... maybe with Auburn games around the corner!

AJT said...

Love it! She is too cute and you really outdid yourself with the party....everything was adorable! I love Hannah's wardrobe changes and the earrings were hilarious! She looked just like a little diva driving in her car =)

Rachel and Cameron said...

Abby- the party looks awesome! I love the Magic Wand cupcakes!!!! You are such a great mom!!!! I hope to be able to do stuff like that for Presley. And Baby Kate's dress turned out beautiful! Wish we could have been there to celebrate!

Kelly said...

Great job with the party! Such cute decorations! Your daughter is adorable and looks like she had a great birthday!
Those cupcake wands look delicious!!

Anonymous said...

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