Monday, August 3, 2009

Crosses for Carson

The Martins are some friends of some of our family. We just met Carson recently at a Birthday party. He and William 6 days apart in age. Please read the story below and buy a cross or donate if you feel lead. I have always had a big interest in service dogs and I definitely think the seizure alert dog could change his and his family's life. Not only could the dog save his life by alerting his parents of a seizure in his sleep (where most of them have occured recently) but the dog will also serve as a companion for life and a comfort for Carson during hospitalizations and/or medical procedures. Please read more about Carson below!

Carson's Story:
Carson Martin reached his first birthday on July 16th. Just 3 short months prior to his birthday, Carson began to have seizures. These seizures have been diagnosed as Idiopathic Infantile Spasms - a very rare form of epilepsy that affects 1 in 10,000 children. These seizures come in the form of clusters and often occur when a child is drowsy. 70% of children diagnosed with Infantile Spasms (I.S.) exhibit some form of developmental delay ranging from mild learning disabilities to mental retardation, and approximately 50% of children with I.S. continue to fight other seizure disorders throughout their lifetime. There is currently no known cause for Carson's seizures or indication as to how these seizures will affect him, but doctors are working very hard to figure out what they can.

With every cross purchased through Crosses for Carson, Carson gets a little bit closer to receiving a seizure alert dog. This dog is specially trained to recognize signs of Carson's oncoming seizures and will alert Carson's parents before or during the onset of a seizure. Carson's dog will sleep with him (which is wonderful since his seizures often occur around sleep), attend doctors' appointments with him, provide comfort during medical procedures, and most importantly provide companionship and improved quality of life for Carson.

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